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"The Living Trust"(by Henry W. Abts III) – This book is consideredThe Bible On How To Avoid Probate”.  The fail proof way to pass along your estate to your heirs without lawyers,courts, or the probate system. You need to read this book by the nationally recognized authority on Living Trusts.  

There are two ways to pass assets to your heirs:




                   Revocable Living Trust    

Only applies when you pass away.
1b. Only valid in the state where it was written.

1a. Protects you NOW while are living as well as when you pass away
1b. VALID in all 50 states.

 2. Does not include Durable Power of Attorney  for Health & Finance
or Living Wills. These are separate documents that everyone needs to have NOW
while they are living.

* Typically $50-75 each, $150/sngl -$225/couple
2. Includes DPOA (Durable Power Of Attorney) for Health & Finance
 as well as a Living Will for both husband & wife.
3. Cost - $350 - $500Does not include any updates/amendments 
    (Attorneys charge  $250-$350/hr)

3. Cost $795, one time cost.

 You can amend your Rev Living Trust anytime during your lifetime for FREE.

4. Most wills are re-written 2-3 times after age 65
, because life and assets
change constantly
. The price will always be more in the future

  • If you move out of current home.
  • If you move out of state  
  • If beneficiaries pre-decease you
  • If you want to change beneficiaries or %
  • When first spouse passes away

    4. Never has to be rewritten.

    • Valid in all 50 states.
    • Is a legally binding contract so it avoids Probate! 
    • Includes DPOA (Durable Power Of Attorney) for Health & Finance 
    • Includes Living Will for husband & wife

    5. The cost of probate? If you have a will in PA it must go through Probate
    unless the estate value is less than $50,000 (differs by state)

    • Statutory fees are usually at LEAST 6% of the total Gross Estate amount 
    • Average fees 6-10% (there is no Max)
    • Time: 9 months – 1 yr avg. to settle
    • Everything is recorded in courthouse and is open to public.

    Example: $200,000 estate = $12,000 - $20,000 fees

    5. Bypasses Probate Completely!

    • Can be settled at NO COST
    • Time: 2 days – 2 weeks; whenever  the family feels up to transferring assets.
    • Can NOT be contested! Goes to who you wanted, when you wanted, & how you wanted.
    • Totally private, no one knows what was in your estate, except you & your  family!

     Would you rather give YOUR HARD-EARNED money -
    that you saved your whole life -
    To the lawyers and courts, or to your loved ones?
    Only cost - original one-time fee $795  for any size estate  
    + $200 to re-deed property into trust

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