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Are You Confident of a Successful Retirement? 

22 retirement questions to ask yourself now!

1.   Do you think you have enough money for retirement,  OR do you have some doubt?

2.   At what age do you think you want to retire?

3.   Are you currently working with a financial advisor?  Multiple advisors?  DIY?

4.   Is your financial advisor a distribution expert?   Does he or she specialize in that field?

5.   Have you ever looked at a Social Security maximization report for you & your spouse?

6.   When are you planning on taking your Social Security?

7.   Which pension option should you choose?

8.   Which retirement income distribution plan option should you choose? How much can you use, and not run out of money?

9.   How should you manage your personal savings?   Do you have an emergency fund?

10.  How much of your portfolio should be invested in stocks bonds and mutual funds?  Do you know the Rule of 100?

11.  How should you diversify your investment portfolio?

12.  How much of your money is currently at risk?   Do you need risk reduction strategies?

13.  What is the average rate of return on your investments over a ten-year period or longer?

14.  Do you think taxes are going to go up in the future?  If so what are you doing about it?

15.  Do you have any tax-free investments?   Have you done any tax planning?

16.  Have you converted any of your money from forever taxed to never taxed?

17.  How will you manage your portfolio on an ongoing basis?

18.  74 out of 100 people will need some type of long term medical care. If you needed care how would that affect your family?   Spouse?  Finances? Adult children?

19.  If you did need care, how would you pay for it?  Do you have any plan for long-term care?

20.  Do you (and your spouse) have life insurance or final expense insurance?

21.  Should you pay off my mortgage at retirement or earlier?

22.  What should you do to ensure that your assets go to your family instead of to the lawyers and courts?

If you need help with ANY of these questions, please Contact us for a FREE consultation today!  Call Today and talk to a Distribution Expert!.

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